Thursday, March 31, 2011

Photo Shoot Out-Takes

So, originally, we had planned this to be a blooper blog entry, but after reviewing the photos I had planned to post, it seems like they're more out-takes than actual bloopers.  Every photo shoot comes with its own unique energy and fun: in the case of my shoot with Jen, this frequently manifested as goofiness, some of which I'll be sharing in this post.  Since this is a dual post but most of the pictures will be provided by yours truly (Haley, btw), Jen and I will be providing commentary on each picture.

I have to preface this first set with a bit of background.  Jen and I had just arrived at our local, downtown park, Big Spring. We had begun our photo shoot and just gotten warmed up, when we noticed that we were being followed . . . stalked, even.  And who might this creeper be, you ask?  None other than this most viciously loathsome, wholly nefarious, and foully devious . . .

Archie the Evil Duck
. . . duck.  Just look at him! With his black and beady eyes, red-stained face.  Clearly, this duck was up to no good.  Also, I didn't care for the way he was eyeing Jen.  I mean, yes, she's the hotness, but it's just plain rude to stare at someone's ankles for so long.

So, here we were walking along the bridge, taking photographs, and generally frolicking when Jen's stalker duck arrived.  However, not ones to be daunted by an air of bad intentions, Jen and I fought back, and here you find our results:

Archie the Evil Duck on the Approach

Haley:  Here we witness Archie, the evil duck, as he approaches.  Jen gives him a glare, but it does not appear to affect his swaggering waddle.

Jen: I was suspicious of Archie (if that is his real name) from the start.  Currently working in a corporate environment, I am used to stares and gawks, but back in 2009, I was an innocent college graduate, thinking the world was void of stalker ducks and filled with rainbows, unicorns, and history teaching jobs.  Oh, how Archie proved me very, very wrong.

Archie the Evil Duck Fails at Nonchalance
Haley:   In this next shot, we witness the Archie's devious attempt to convince us that he is merely passing by.  However, notice that Jen is not so easily fooled, and the two exchange a loaded look. *cue tumbleweed*

Jen: As I stared into his dark, beady eyes, I could see the hunger there.  Steeling up my energy against such lecherous behavior, I attempted to rise above his lowbrow, ducky presence and continue on with my model-y duties.  But, the cold-blooded glares exchanged merely foreshadowed what was to come.

Archie the Evil Duck Returns
Haley:  This shot was taken towards the end of our time in the park.  We had lost Archie the Evil Duck sometime during our meandering photo journey and thought ourselves safe.  When Jen and I spotted our stalker once more.

Jen: Yeah, he's kind of a bastard.

Archie the Evil Duck Gets Nervous
Haley: After some debate, Jen and I settled on a plan of attack: stalk the Archie the Evil Duck in return. Note Archie's nervous glance toward camera.

Jen: Read: Haley made Jen approach the duck.  However, I came to realize that such a method of attack might actually work, and I stalked back in such a way that instilled fear into every Muscovy duck in the downtown Huntsville area.

Besides, I happen to have graduated summa cum laude from Stalker University, having achieved the highest marks in Stalking 101.

Archie the Evil Duck Flees
Haley: In face of our dual assault, Archie the Evil Duck flees.  After all, Jen is quite intimidating. *nods head*

Jen: It's true.  After two years, no duck has dared approach me.  I believe I'm on their Do Not Stalk list.  Note Archie's craven stance as he flees my regal and awe-inspiring presence, shoulders slumped in defeat and submission.  Actually, this technique does not apply solely to ducks; many a coworker have acted in the same way when I use this tactic to stave away creepiness.  It's not just a tactic, but IT'S A WAY OF LIFE.

If you get anything out of this post other than a few chuckles, hopefully it is this: outtakes and bloopers can be a fun series of their own, even though they're probably not the spotlight-gorgeous shots that you'll feature in a portfolio.  And, honestly?  They can be among the most enjoyable pictures you take/model for.

See you guys Friday!


  1. I love you guys, and the fact the duck's name is Archie.Your writing styles flow quite nicely together!

  2. Thanks, Katie! Glad you enjoyed.