Saturday, April 30, 2011

In the Land of Oz

Haley here. It does indeed feel a little surreal around here.  My family and I drove down to Hartselle today for ice and food.  I'm now sitting in a Starbucks in Decatur enjoying some internet time.  We're all so lucky right now not to have some of the hardships other areas of North Alabama are suffering at the moment.  I can handle lack of power and interwebs for a little while in exchange for that blessing.  *mad laughter* No, really.

So, a little late, while I'm killing time waiting for everyone else to finish up before we head home, I thought I might as well do a little blog post.  I find it appropriate that our theme for this week was supposed to be nature.  It certainly showed both Jen and I what it was capable of.   In celebration of everyone still being around, I thought I'd post some photos of the softer side of nature.  We've certainly had enough of its bolder awe-inspiring side lately.

Study of Bark
This picture was taken during a recent trip to Chattanooga at Rock City.  Phillip was in the process of poking fun at Jen for taking so many texture photos, when I decided that I needed to take one myself.  Texture!  Teeeeeextuuuuurre! (That's a jibe at Jen, by the way, dear readers)  I really liked the way the bark stood out in separate pieces and I decided that an upward angle would add nice composition, and voila.

I'm running on reserve battery power now, so don't expect too much more analysis. Jen, feel free to add some if you so desire.

This photo was also taken during the aforementioned trip, this time at the Tennessee Aquarium.  They have a lovely jellyfish display there at the moment, and I couldn't resist. I love the black background of this picture, particularly when paired with the glow of the jelly.  I also love the composition and angles created by the jellyfish positing its tentacle things (because I'm sure that's the technical term)

Phillip at Sunset
This was taken when I was still living in Tampa.  Phillip and I were driving me home to Alabama for a visit and we decided to stop off in Gulf Shores (before it was changed by certain environmental disasters).  It was December and so it was blessedly uncrowded.  We took a walk along the beach, collecting shells, when I noticed the compositional awesomeness of this photo op.  The silhouette effect created by the position of the sun, and the remaining beachy colors is amazing.

Anyway, that's all for me.  I'm about to head off to the no-power zone again.  I hope everyone is doing well.

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  1. I have always loved that last photo. The lightning, Phillip's posture, and overall composition are awesome. You should definitely frame that one.