Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Links! And More Links!

For our Wednesday post, have some delicious, delicious links.

Jen: Here's another link to an entry from NPR's The Picture Show blog.  I really like how Robert and Shana ParkeHarrison use different media to create the utterly surreal effects of their photos.  Neat, huh?

Also, I'd like to do some promotin' for a small Mom-and-Pop shop in Huntsville, AL: Southerland's Photo.  I've always received great service from the employees, and they really do know their stuff about photography.  This is where I learned about my current camera, my Canon Rebel Ti2 DSLR, and where I get my prints and slides developed.  If you're in the Huntsville area, go here for your photo needs!

Also-also, I like puppies.  (More seriously, click on the link to see some really nifty ways to compose a picture with a spotted dog.  The second and third ones are my favorites.)

That's it on my end!

Haley: And, now that I have feasted on some delicious, delicious Indian cuisine, I can now offer some more of Jen's aforementioned links.  For both of these, I must give credit to my Da for having sent them to me.  I'm a lazy internet surfer.

This first link is pretty nifty as it offers a video tour of Ansel Adam's dark room.  It's relatively technical, so be prepared for that.  However, it does offer some insight into the process of one of the best black and white photographers ever.  The video also offers some interesting details about film processing, and the article that goes along with it is not too shabby.

The next link leads to a video of about the origins of photography.  The video features the curator of the Fox Talbot museum speaking on invention of photographic processes.  It contains a particularly interesting comparison of the daguerreotype to the photograph.

And, our last link of the night leads to a short biography of Louise Dahl-Woolf, a famous and highly influential fashion photographer.  I find much of her work, most of which was shot on a Rolleicord, to be simply stunning.  At the bottom of the article is a link to the Museum of Contemporary Photography's collection of her work, which I have also thoughtfully provided for you.

So, enjoy!  And, you can look forward to my post on tinting, featuring still more photos of our lovely Jen, on Friday.

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