Friday, May 6, 2011

No Good - That's What I've Been Up To.

So, in line with Jen's Monday post on her recent works, I've decided to post on some of my latest photography ventures.  I've nothing so flashy as Jen's photo-editing, as recent life events have consumed most of my time.  However, I do have some shots that I've taken of late of which I'm fairly fond.

Rachel at Lookout Mountain
All of these are from Jen's and my recent visit to Chattanooga, TN.  This first is of one of my good friends, Rachel, admiring the view from Lookout Mountain at Rock City.  This one of those photos where Jen and I were of one mind when I took it (she has an identical one taken with Ernst).

The composition holds our visual interest well.  The curving line of the balcony pairs well with the curving line of the more distant lookout as well as the curvature of the landscape and the shadow on the land.  Meanwhile Rachel is positioned at an opposing angle to the curve, drawing our focus to the model.  Her position in turn moves us to see what she's looking at, and we notice the gorgeous view with the rainbow of colors on the horizon line.

But mostly, I just love this photo.  It's one of those rare photos that are just great without editing.

Next, we have a photo from the Tennessee Aquarium. Naturally, the seahorse exhibit was a hit with Jen and I; they were such good little models.

I think the reason I really like this photo because its goodness was such a surprise.  The seahorse exhibit was very dark and they were moving quite a bit, so I was certain that all my photos would come out blurry and gross.  Instead I wound up with a crisp, clear photograph.  I particularly like the subdued, cool color scheme.  The patterning on the seahorse also stands out very well. The black background of the tank enhances the colors of the photo and creates sense of space in the photo.  Rather than a 2D image, this photo speaks to the 3D reality, giving the viewer a much better sense of dimension. This is furthered by the seahorse's floating position between the two pieces of green coral.

Duh nuh
My last photo, is quite possibly my favorite of the three, and certainly my favorite of the two animal photographs.  To be fair, this opinion is heavily influenced by my own devious nature (*drums fingers together evilly*).

I really don't have much to say about this photo. I think it's awesomeness speaks for itself.  Obviously, I was thinking strongly about composition when I took this.  I made sure that 1) the camera was on the same plane as the crocodile's floating head and 2) the camera was looking through some the foliage, giving the photograph a feeling of being out in the wild.  This latter effect also enhances the drama of the photo, giving it a more realistic feel. And yep, that's all I have to say.  Jen and I will see you Monday!

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