Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Traveling Around the Web for Travel Photography

Haley: So, I'm feeling somewhat lazy tonight, and since Jen hasn't started a Wednesday post yet, I figure we'll just go with our standby of photography links.  In keeping with our travel photography theme for the week, here are some links for travel photography that I find interesting.

This first link is for Fodor's webpage on travel photography.  Fodor's is a somewhat natural thought when it comes to travel, as they provide some fairly nice guides.  This webpage, provides some guidance for would-be travel photographers.  Don't neglect to explore the linked "chapters" on the left of the page as well as the links at the bottom of each chapter page, as these really get into the meat of the article.

My second link is to a video interview with Mark Edward Harris, a well known travel photographer.  The video is designed to provide tips for aspiring travel photographers, although I find that it provides some fairly good general advice as well.  His advice does seem geared toward those considering photography as a true career, as opposed to Jen and I who consider photography a somewhat serious hobby.  He's somewhat rambling, but overall, it's a fairly interesting video with some good insights.

Lastly, we have something a little more local.  I present a link to a photo gallery of U.S. road trip pictures from National Geographic.  And really, I think the photos speak for themselves.  Also, it's nice for us to remember that travel photography doesn't have to mean foreign locales and a passport.  This genre can also mean family vacations and all the nifty places in our own country.

Jen: Go easy; it's hard for me to brush my hair, let alone initiate Wednesday blog posts.  Have pity on the special one of the pair.

If you're into the Flickr community, I suggest browsing through the Travel Photography group.  I contribute from time to time, and it's a nice little gallery to go through when searching for photo ideas and places to put on my list of things to do.  But, really, it ultimately makes me realize how overdue I am for a real vacation.

Unrelated to photography but sort of related to travel, check out the "folkestral" band Hey Marseilles for a musical version of how it's like to specialize in not just traveling (and the photography that accompanies it), but wandering.

What?  So sue me; it's a band website.  The band's songs deal with traveling/wandering around the West Coast.  I'd like to photograph the imagery within their songs.

Last, and possibly least, here's a link to my old Fulbright blog that details most of my travels.  There are a few photos there, but I relied heavily on narrative when maintaining this: Deustchlanding.  Shameless plug?  Yeah...  Really tired?  Yeah.  Otherwise, I'd do a better job with finding links.  Promise.

Stay tuned for the Friday post!

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