Sunday, May 29, 2011

Outings and Gatherings

So, it seems everything in the blog this week has been running a little behind.  In large part due to the very subject of our posts this week.  Ah, well, on to some photos!

The best part about photography at social gatherings is the opportunity to capture some candid shots.  Really good candid shots are all about recognizing a good shot and taking advantage.  Personally I love the shots that both grab a viewers attention and illustrate some essential aspect of the subject's character.

To start with, we have this one of my very good friend Lizzi.  Being a bit leery of cameras in general, Lizzi is a difficult one to capture a truly candid shot of.  She tends to notice quickly when a photo is being taken, so you have to act fast if you want to get an unposed view.

The sunlight in this photo really makes it great.  It adds dynamic patterns of light and shadow, while creating flattering lighting for Lizzi (though, I'm told it was also rather hot).

Then we have our second photo, a candid shot of Jen facing off against her arch-nemesis, Archie.  It captures a hilarious side of their friendship as well as demonstrating Jen's own sense of humor.

Again, the lighting is very good in the photo, one of the benefits of outdoor summer gatherings.  It's particularly good here, since its filtering through the leaves of the trees, which has a softening effect on the lighting.

In our third photo, we see Archie in his natural state - that of evil laughter.  I love this photo because of how well it captures Archie.  It's difficult to get a moving shot of someone that doesn't blur, making it quite hard to photograph anyone, though especially Archie, while laughing.  This shot also recalls the great time everyone had that day by being a snap shot of a reaction to that fun.

And, yeah.  We'll see you next week, hopefully with more prompt, detailed and well written postings.

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